III-V offers broad products ranges from Epi material to final assembly.

LED epi, dice and pkg devices: GaP, GaAsP, AlGaAs, AlInGaP, GaN to cover spectrum from 370nm UV up to 1500nm in the infrared range. III-V offers special selection on its product to meet the strict requirement of each application, whether it is for commercial, military or medical products.

We are also exclusive distributor for Cree, Inc. in NorthAmerica and Europe.

Silicon PIN Photodiode and Photo-Transistor Chips : Active chip size from 23 mil up to 8mm square in active area, with various responsivities. Special pkg such as TO metal can and SMD are available. III-V also has the capability for custom OEM chips design, from photo mask to packaged device. Surface Mountable Packaged Photodiode: TFMD5000

The wide selection of the displays ranges from standard LED Displays,
and LCD devices to the OLED displays.

LED Lamps: Tower Type, Round Type, Flat Top, Rectangular, Bi-Polar, Multi-Color, Blinking and other types.

Surface Mount Devices: Lead Frame Type, PCB Type, Reflector Type, Bi-Color and Multicolor, Full Color.

Laser diode: 635nm upto 1500nm with power range from 1mW up to 100mW.

Optical fiber: From plastic that meets the illumination and back light application to silica fiber for telecommunication and medical usage.

PCB Printed Circuit Board. Double side, Multi-Layers (up to 8 layers)

FPC Flexible Printed Circuit: Single and Multi Layer, also assembled with connectors, switches, SMDs and including 1mil chip on flex technology.

Custom board assembly: Complete product assembly from standard FR4 PWB to flexible assembly with automatic pick and place set up.

Medical cable and wire harness: complete cable assembly and over mold with connectors.