3-5 Compounds Laser Module
3-5 Compounds LED Backlight
3-5 Compounds Phototransistor, Photodiode
3-5 Compounds silver SMD, surface mount device
 3-5 Compounds Gold TO Header
3-5 Compounds Flat Top LED, White Lamps, Side looker packages, Bi Color and Multi Color
3-5 Compounds display
3-5 Compounds  SMD, surface mount device
3-5 Compounds Dual Chip SMD package with reflector
3-5 Compounds SMD Device with lens
3-5 Compounds Full Color SMD Device with lens
3-5 Compounds Super Bright High Intensity SMD
Three Five Compounds (III-V Compounds) is a major supplier of opto-electronic semiconductor material ( chips and wafers for LED and Laser diode ) with a production facility in Asia and sales office in North America.

III-V Compounds offers a broad range of products from epitaxial material, to dice and packaged devices. On the raw epi and dice front, we work with different materials such as GaP, GaAsP, AlGaAs, AlInGaP , and GaN for emitter cover the spectrum from 350nm upto 1100nm. The addition of Silicon PIN Photodiode and Phototransistor Chips enhances our product line which enables us to offer a complete solution to our customer for their sensing application.

For display application, we offer LED Module (full color display), 7 segment display, LCD (liquid crystal display) module, and our latest new product addition: Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLEDs ).

On packaged devices, we offer the most complete product line from the traditional discrete 3mm ( T-1 ) and 5mm ( T-1-3/4 ) in narrow (8 degree beam angle) to wide (120 degree beam angle) viewing angle for different lighting applications, with a wide selection of surface mountable devices : 1206, 0805, 0603 and 0402 in single, bi-color and tri-color package configuration. Special device and package such as flat top and metal can To-header are also available for fiber optics lighting and sensor applications.

In order to provide a better "one stop shop" service to our customers, III-V also offers optical fiber (plastic, ESKA and silica glass fiber ) with low attenuation and high refractive index. III-V provides different print circuit board assemblies (PCBA or PWBA), as well as kapton
and flexible print circuit board assembly ( FPC ). So whether it is a general lighting, display, automotive, sensor or        medical applications, please contact us. We will assist you from the very first stage of idea conceptulization to
            the completion of product production. Please contact us to discuss your application and needs, III-V is your
                    supplier for all your opto-electronic requirements.